Anyone who wishes to build a house, make an extension to their existing property or convert the use of a room to something different may need planning permission. Small changes to a property such as small porches or small conservatories do not require planning permission.

However, before embarking on a planning project you should always check whether or not it needs planning permission first. All works have to be decided upon and approved before any construction takes place.

The rules must be followed without excuses. Break planning permission legislation and you could face heavy fines and even imprisonment. As it stands, there are three common types of planning permission in Ireland; permission, outline permission and permission consequent on outline permission.

1. Permission

The first type of planning permission in Ireland is “Permission”. The most common type of planning permission applied for. Also known as “full permission”, if your full project idea (planning and design) is finalised in your mind and you’re content to go ahead with the building process without hesitation then you can apply for full planning permission.

2. Outline Permission

The second type of planning permission in Ireland is “Outline Permission”. This option is for those seeking for their building project ideas in principle to be agreed upon with the relevant Planning Authority before making detailed plans.

3. Permission Consequent On Outline Permission

The third type of planning permission in Ireland is “Permission Consequent On Outline Permission”. A mouthful but not complicated. Consider the third option as a stepping stone in between outline permission and full permission. If  outline permission is approved, you are then required to apply for consequent permission accompanied by detailed drawings before any work is carried out.

Before Submitting Your Application

Before submitting your application for planning permission in Ireland you should consult with a qualified planning consultant engineer. Banrach Consulting Engineers can help you there.

A part of what we offer is extensive knowledge, solutions on how to approach each application and a timeframe on the process.

Make no mistakes and consider all factors. Call us today.

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