When we think of sustainability and the environment big ideas often come to mind. Making the transition to environmentally friendly ways of generating power, switching to electric vehicles, and disposing of our household waste without polluting the seas or land.

In reality, it’s going to impact us all more dramatically than we may realise. As sustainability moves to the forefront of nearly everything we do, our whole approach and outlook towards many sectors will change. As a local structural engineer we’re witnessing this shift first hand.


Increased public awareness

Increased media coverage and better education means the general public is more aware of the need for sustainability. They are more likely to want to know about ecologically sound options for their projects. While the primary motivating factor for this is often the environment, it can also make good long-term financial sense.

Companies are also far more aware of the environmental impact their project will have. Many even incorporate it into their marketing material, keen to promote their environmental credentials and level of social responsibility.


A longer impact

As a local structural engineer it’s crucial to be aware of the options available, as many of the projects we work on will continue to impact the environment for many decades to come. This is equally true whether you’re undertaking a civil engineering project or a structural engineering project. A new house has the potential to be standing for as long as a bridge designed for a local council.


Aspects a local structural engineer must consider

When starting a new project there are many factors we must take into account. We have always successfully managed to deliver to the client’s budget, while providing a top class service, but environmental factors have added a new dimension.

It’s important for a local structural engineer to be well versed on all the different environmental costs of using different materials and building systems. This goes beyond just selecting the most natural material, but also has to incorporate forward thinking. Are the materials reusable if the building is ever demolished? What are the environmental costs of production? Within this environmental framework, which material has the required characteristics for the intended purpose?

Another aspect of sustainability is to ensure the building will remain useful for many decades to come. This requires looking at ways to incorporate flexibility and durability into the design.

In fact, sustainability is becoming such an integral part of our societies wider conversation that it must be incorporated into all of our businesses, and for many people, also their personal life. Nearly every national and international institution is incorporating into their planning for the future.


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