Cracking In House

Cracks in the external walls or internal walls of a property can be caused by various factors such as settling of the foundations, changes in temperature or moisture issues. A structural engineer can inspect the cracks to determine the underline cause of the cracking and the best course of action to address them.

Cracks in walls can vary in size, direction and severity depending on the extent of subsidence. It is important to address cracks promptly as they can compromise the structural integrity of the property overtime, subsidence repairs are crucial to preventing further damage and ensure the safety of the occupants.  Hiring professionals with expertise in subsidence repairs is key to ensuring the job is done correctly and efficiently.

Subsidence Repair Steps

  • Identify the Cause: Before starting repairs its crucial to determine the underlying cause and severity of the cracking in walls, or subsidence, weather its due to soil conditions, leaking drains or tree roots.
  • Consult Experts: Seek advice from structural engineers to assess the extent of damage and recommend appropriate repair methods.
  • Implement Structural Solutions: Depending on the cause, solutions may involve underpinning, drainage repairs, or tree root management to stabilize the foundation and prevent further subsidence.

Following these steps can help address subsidence issues effectively and prevent recurrence in the future.

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